Before reaching the table, olive oil goes through several stages of transformation:

After the olives have been harvested, they arrive at the Lagar do Parral where they are cleaned and washed to eliminate any impurities or foreign bodies, followed by weighing.

To guarantee the quality of the oil, the olives are immediately processed within 24 hours of arriving at the mill.

Traceability procedures are followed and the olives are separated by varieties and maturation states.


At this stage, the olive is crushed in a Hammer Mill, in order to obtain a brownish mass with all the constituents of the olive.


For extraction it is necessary to proceed with slow and continuous beating of the olive mass, in the Thermo-beater, followed by gentle heating to less than 25º which helps the oil droplets to unite into larger droplets.

Olive oil extraction

In this process in the Centrifuge/Decanter, the olive mass is subjected to a high-speed rotational movement, causing the separation of the oil from the oil pomace waters.

After separating the oil, it is passed through the filter to remove any small particles that may exist.


At the end, the oil is stored in stainless steel deposits, where it remains for a few days for natural decantation.

Before being packaged, a sample of each batch of olive oil is sent to the laboratory for chemical and sensory analysis.


The entire packaging process is carried out at Lagar do Parral, where all HACCP procedures are followed to ensure the safety of the product.