It was in 1906, on the “Parral Velho” property, located in the smallest parish in the Municipality of Santiago do Cacém, that Manuel João António Nunes realized his dream of building an Olive Oil Press. At that time, the olives were crushed by a machine powered by animals and then placed in pits. These trees were then stacked and squeezed in a press powered by human power, which resulted in the extraction of olive oil.

More than a hundred years later, Lagar do Parral, currently in its fourth generation, following the family tradition and the knowledge transmitted by its ancestors, using new technologies for the sector, proudly pursues its mission of producing olive oil of unique quality. We currently have a continuous extraction line, where the processes are exclusively mechanical, with technological solutions in accordance with criteria of the highest quality of the final product.

Produced for over 100 years, Azeite do Parral, cold extracted, mainly from the Portuguese Galician and Cobrançosa varieties, makes it an excellent olive oil with unique characteristics.

LAGAR DO PARRAL olive oil is available in the Virgin and Extra Virgin categories.